Whoever Curses Ali Curses Me – Analysis


Shias often quote this narration in order to make takfeer of the Ummayads that cursed Ali.

The narration can be found in Musnad Ahmad 6/323 and other sources, and they go through Abu Ishaaq Al-Sabee’ee, from Abu Abdullah Al-Jadali, from Um Salama.

Al-Albani weakened the narration in Al-Silsila Al-Dha’eefa (2310) and pointed out that Abu Ishaaq Al-Sabee’ee did not claim that he heard from Abu Abdullah. Al-Sabee’ee was a known mudallis, one who would often narrate narrations from people that he did not hear, and thus, the narration is weak.

Furthermore, Abu Abdullah Al-Jadali himself is a problematic narrator, since there is a difference of opinion about him. Ahmad and Yahya strengthened him in Al-Jarh wal Ta’deel by Ibn Abi Hatim, however, Ahmad weakened him in Su’alaat Al-Marruthi (51), while Yahya weakened him in Su’alaat Al-Doori (2428).

Furthermore, Ibn Sa’ad weakened his hadith in his biography in Al-Tabaqat. Ibn Sa’ad also adds, along with others, that he was an extreme Shia and a commander of the army of Al-Mukhtar, who was claimed to be a prophet.

Also, one should remember that Ali did not make takfeer of those that cursed him, which shows that he never applied this hadith in the first place.

In conclusion, the narration is not reliable due to Abu Ishaaq not claiming to have heard it and due to the status of Abu Abdullah Al-Jadali.


    • Seeing as though your email is “Umarkafir” I sense that you yourself are blinded by hate and thus cannot read our articles with fairness and neutrality.

  1. firstly, Albani is not a Major scholar for sunnis, only for wahabis. secondly this hadith has been authenticated by Major sunni scholars 100s before Al-bani existed.
    we read in Musnad Aba Y’ala, Volume 12 page 444 a tradition about which the margin writer Hussain Salim Asad has stated: ‘The narrators are Thiqah’.

    here is another Hadith and this one is Sahih:
    We read in Al-Jam’e al-Saghir, Volume 2 page 608 Hadith 8736 that has been declared ‘Sahih’ by the author Hafiz Jalaluddin Syuti:

    من سب عليا فقد سبني، ومن سبني فقد سب الله
    Prophet said: ‘Whoever curses Ali has cursed me and whoever has cursed me, he has cursed Allah’.

    subhanallah i was expecting to come and see refutation here on this site, but i only saw a few sentences of u dissmissing of a mass-trans narration, why? because Al-bani said so.

    • Firstly, it is “Albani” not “Al-bani”, you don’t even know how to write his name. Secondly, he’s a major scholar of Hadith according to the vast majority of Sunnies, don’t make stuff up and lie. Thirdly, you reject a heavyweight like Albani and refer me to “Hussain Salim Asad”? This guy is an actual nobody compared to ALbani. Finally, al-Suyuti was a popular narrator but not an expert on Jarh and Ta`dil so his opinion isn’t anywhere near as reliable as al-Albani.

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