Criticism of: Tradition of Mufaddal

December 13, 2015 twelvershia.net 0

The following is a short criticism to the lengthy: Tradition of Mufaddal, which can be found on the al-islam.org website here.   The publisher describes the piece as follows: This text is the English translation of the Tradition of Mufaddal, [read more]


Nahjul Balagha Contradicts Shia Teachings

December 12, 2015 twelvershia.net 3

Download this article in PDF Ta’amulaat fee Kitaab Nahjul Balagha (Contemplations on the Peak of Eloquence) Written by Muhammad Saadiq (may Allah reward him) Translation: Hani ‘al-Taraabulsee’ (May Allah forgive him)     Praise be to God only and may [read more]


Al-Sayyari and Tahreef

December 9, 2015 twelvershia.net 1

The Twelver Shia don’t really have much to offer when it comes to Qur’anic sciences whether Tafseer, I`raab, Lughaat, Naskh, Qira’at etc… Those who read about the early Twelver Shia authors will see that they never paid much attention to the [read more]


Myth of the 400 Usul in the Shi’ite Tradition

November 28, 2015 twelvershia.net 0

The 400 Usūl (foundations) have continuously been claimed to be the backbone of the Twelver Shi’ite hadith corpus. Major Shi’ite traditionists, such as Al-Kulayni and Al-Saduq, allegedly based their later hadith collections on these earlier works. Shi’ite polemicists often attempt [read more]


Arbaeen: Number of Visitors

November 27, 2015 twelvershia.net 15

Arbaeen: Number of Visitors The following article about the Arbaeen was originally written in Arabic by Ahmad Al-Hasani, but was translated for twelvershia.net. Even though our website does not often deal with such topics, however, we have made an exception [read more]


The Reliance of Shias upon Sunni Rijal

November 18, 2015 twelvershia.net 0

The Reliance of Shias upon Sunni Rijal The following is a brief article that demonstrates that reliance of Shias upon Sunni Rijal. Please refer to our earlier articles to witness the superiority of Sunni hadith science over Shia hadith sciences. [read more]