Aqa Buzurg al-Tihrani and Tahreef

February 7, 2018 twelvershia.net 0

Aqa Buzurg al-Tihrani (or Agha Bozorg Tehrani) who died in 1389 AH is one of the major Shia scholars in knowledge and popularity. He is also a student of al-Mirza al-Nuri who believes in the distortion of the Qur’an as previously [read more]


Mirza al-Nuri and Tahreef

February 6, 2018 twelvershia.net 0

In this article we shall look into the belief of the Shia leader and author of one of the fundamental eight Shia books Mirza Husayn al-Nuri al-Tabrasi (author of Mustadrak-ul-Wasa’il) who died in 1320 AH. [read more]


Prophet Ibrahim’s (as) demotion!

March 8, 2017 twelvershia.net 9

Peace be upon our readers, in this short article we will show that Prophet Ibrahim (as) was demoted as opposed to be promoted according to Shia beliefs. This article centers around the following verse: {And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham [read more]


The Meaning of Rijs in 33:33

January 17, 2017 twelvershia.net 4

The Meaning of Rijs in (33:33) For those the Shias that have dared to ask themselves: “What does Rijs mean?” We decided to write up a short article that answers the question. Unlike our previous article that was a general [read more]


Al-Hurr al-`Amili and Tahreef

July 8, 2016 twelvershia.net 0

The heavyweight of the Shia, their leader and the author of one of their eight main Hadith books, al-Hurr al-`Amili is no doubt from the top Shia scholars of Hadith and has earned the utmost respect by the followers of [read more]


Al-Kulayni and Tahreef

June 23, 2016 twelvershia.net 1

Muhammad bin Ya`qub al-Kulayni is disputably the top Twelver Shia Hadith scholar to ever walk the earth. They trust him and honor him to no end, even going as far as bestowing upon him the title of “Thiqat-ul-Islam”. Al-Kulayni is the [read more]