Al-Hurr al-`Amili and Tahreef

July 8, 2016 twelvershia.net 0

The heavyweight of the Shia, their leader and the author of one of their eight main Hadith books, al-Hurr al-`Amili is no doubt from the top Shia scholars of Hadith and has earned the utmost respect by the followers of [read more]


Al-Kulayni and Tahreef

June 23, 2016 twelvershia.net 1

Muhammad bin Ya`qub al-Kulayni is disputably the top Twelver Shia Hadith scholar to ever walk the earth. They trust him and honor him to no end, even going as far as bestowing upon him the title of “Thiqat-ul-Islam”. Al-Kulayni is the [read more]


Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi & Tahreef

June 11, 2016 twelvershia.net 2

Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi (d.1111 AH) also known as al-`Allamah is the father of modern day Shiasm, he was the top and most influential scholar in the Safavid empire and the author of the biggest Shia Hadith encyclopedia “Bihar-ul-Anwar al-Jami`li Durar [read more]


Mirza abu al-Qasim al-Qummi & Tahreef

April 14, 2016 twelvershia.net 0

Mirza abu al-Qasim bin Muhammad Hasan al-Qummi (d.1231 AH) in his book al-Qawanin al-Muhkamah fil-Usoul vol.2 discusses the Qur’an and its preservation. The text is advanced and the author’s weak Arabic requires us to explain some of the texts we’re [read more]


Al-Qadi Sa`id al-Qummi and Tahreef

April 4, 2016 twelvershia.net 0

The belief in Tahreef is something the Shia scholars inherit. The same way Jaza’iri inherited it from Majlisi, or Kulayni inherited it from `Ali bin Ibrahim, today we will see how al-Qadi Sa`id al-Qummi inherited it from his teacher al-Fayd [read more]


Al-Sayyari and Tahreef

December 9, 2015 twelvershia.net 1

The Twelver Shia don’t really have much to offer when it comes to Qur’anic sciences whether Tafseer, I`raab, Lughaat, Naskh, Qira’at etc… Those who read about the early Twelver Shia authors will see that they never paid much attention to the [read more]