Abu Bakr (RA) gave up the Khilafah and wished to retire!?


Abu Bakr (ra) took the Bay`ah at Saqifa and then it was followed by the general Bay`ah from the nation at the Prophet’s (SAWS) mosque, later `Ali (ra) and al-Zubayr (ra) came to offer their Bay`ah to him as we read, and this is what happened after it.

حدثنا أبو حفص عمر بن أيوب السقطي ، قال : حدثنا محمد بن معاوية بن مالج ، قال : حدثنا علي بن هاشم ، عن أبيه ، عن أبي الجحاف ، قال : قام أبو بكر رضي الله عنه بعدما بويع له وبايع له علي رضي الله عنه وأصحابه قام ثلاثا ، يقول : ” أيها الناس ، قد أقلتكم بيعتكم هل من كاره ؟ قال : فيقوم علي رضي الله عنه أوائل الناس يقول : ” لا والله لا نقيلك ، ولا نستقيلك قدمك رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ، فمن ذا الذي يؤخرك ” .

[abu Hafs `Umar bin Ayyub al-Siqati told us, Muhammad bin Mu`awiyah bin Malaj said, `Ali bin Hisham told us, from his father, from abu al-Jahhaf that he said:
Abu Bakr (ra) stood up three times after he received Bay`ah from `Ali (ra) and his companions, saying: “O people, I shall return your Bay`ah to you, does anyone dislike this?” he said: So `Ali (ra) would stand among the first of them and say: “No by Allah we shall not let you retire, if the messenger of Allah (SAWS) placed you ahead (means leading Salat), then who can put you behind?”]

source: al-Shari`ah lil-Aajurri (b.280 – d.360 AH).


This narration does not originate from “Nawasib”, it has three narrators who are Shia:
1- `Ali bin Hashim is a Kufan who is a Shia and is from a Shia family but is “Saduq”.
2- His father, Hashim bin Burayd is a stubborn Shia, but is a Thiqah.
3- Dawoud bin Suwayd is an extremist Shia from Kufa, but his narrations are authenticated by Ahmad, al-Thawri, al-Nasa’i, al-`Asqalani & al-Razi.

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