al-Mufid and the ruling on `Umar (ra)


al-Salamu `Aleykum,

In this article we will show you how the leader of the Shia and their master and teacher, al-Sheikh al-Mufid, shall fall into an embarrassing contradiction in a matter that is considered from the core beliefs of their sect.

It is the ruling of `Umar bin al-Khattab (ra), after they claimed that he supposedly rejected Imamah and usurped it, and after he supposedly oppressed the Prophet’s (SAWS) daughter and killed her and her son, and after he supposedly attempted to change the religion and create the evil innovations… IS HE STILL MUSLIM?

al-Mufid just like all Shia scholars will contradict himself below:

1- His admittance that `Umar (ra) apparently remained on Islam:

[ المسألة الخامسة عشرة . وسأل أيضا عن تزويج أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام ابنته أم كلثوم عمر بن الخطاب ، وقد عرف خلافه وكفره … ؟
والجواب – وبالله التوفيق – : أن المناكح على ظاهر الإسلام دون حقائق الإيمان . والرجل المذكور ، وإن كان بجحده النص ودفعه الحق قد خرج عن الإيمان ، فلم يخرج عن الإسلام لإقراره بالله ورسوله صلى الله عليه وآله واعترافه بالصلاة والصيام والزكاة والحج . وإذا كان مسلما بما ذكرناه جازت مناكحته من حكم الشريعة ]

He said in “al-Masa’il al-`Ukbariyah”, pg.60-61:

[Issue fifteen: He was also asked about the marriage of Ameer al-Mu’mineen’s (as) daughter Umm Kulthoum to `Umar bin al-Khattab, even though we know his opposition and Kufr?

The answer and success is from Allah: The man whom she married was apparently Muslim but not a believer, and the man you mentioned even though he left the circle of believers, he did not leave that of Islam as he believes in Allah and his messenger (SAWS) and in Salat and Siyam and Zakat and Hajj, and if he is a Muslim based on these then it is permissible to marry him according to law.]

[  ثم إنه لو صح لكان له وجهان لا ينافيان مذهب الشيعة في ضلال المتقدمين على أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام : أحدهما : أن النكاح إنما هو على ظاهر الإسلام الذي هو : الشهادتان ، والصلاة إلى الكعبة ، والاقرار بجملة الشريعة . وإن كان الأفضل مناكحة من يعتقد الإيمان ، وترك مناكحة من ضم إلى ظاهر الإسلام ضلالا لا يخرجه عن الإسلام ، إلا أن الضرورة متى قادت إلى مناكحة الضال مع إظهاره كلمة الإسلام زالت الكراهة من ذلك ، وساغ ما لم يكن بمستحب مع الاختيار ]

He said in “al-Masa’il al-Sarawiyah”, pg.90-91 (NOTE: This book is not authentically attributed to al-Mufid, but it supports his first quote)

[If this is correct than it can be explained in two ways that do not conflict with the Shia Madhab about the misguidance of the first three who preceded Ameer al-Mu’mineen (as), Firstly: This marriage was conducted on apparent Islam, and it is: al-Shahadatayn, al-Salat towards the Ka`bah, believing in the Shari`ah in general. Even though it is better to marry one who is a believer instead of one who is apparently Muslim and is deviant in ways that do not take him out of the folds of Islam. However, in time of necessity when one marries the deviant who believes in Islam then it is okay, and what was disliked when one has a choice becomes allowed.]

2- His saying that `Umar (ra) cannot be a Muslim because he rejected Imamah:

In “al-Fusoul al-Mukhtarah”, pg.26-27  he says:

[ فصل ومن كلام الشيخ أدام الله عزه أيضا سأله رجل من المعتزلة يعرف بأبي عمرو الشطوي ، فقال له : أليس قد أجمعت الأمة على أن أبا بكر وعمر كان ظاهرهما الإسلام ؟
فقال له الشيخ : نعم قد أجمعوا على أنهما قد كانا على ظاهر الإسلام زمانا فأما أن يكونوا مجمعين على أنهما كانا في سائر أحوالهما على ظاهر الإسلام فليس في هذا إجماع للاتفاق على أنهما كانا على الشرك ، ولوجود طائفة كثيرة العدد تقول : إنهما كانا بعد إظهارهما الإسلام على ظاهر كفر بجحد النص ]

[A man from the Mu`tazilah known as `Amro al-Shatawi asked him: “Did not the nation agree that Abu Bakr and `Umar are apparently Muslim?”

al-Sheikh replied: “Yes they agreed that they were apparently Muslim for a time, but as for them being always Muslims then this is not agreed upon. It is agreed that they were upon polytheism because of a big team that said: “After they showed Islam, they apparently became Kouffar for rejecting the text (of `Ali’s Imamah).”]


The Shia leader al-Mufid was stuck, when asked “Why did `Ali give his daughter in marriage to `Umar?” his answer was that `Umar (ra) was apparently Muslim since he says the testimony of faith and does his prayers and offers charity ect… He considered that all the crimes attributed to `Umar (ra) such as rejecting Imamah, killing Fatima (ra), killing her son, oppressing `Ali (ra), robbing the right of Ahlul-Bayt ect… ALL OF THIS DOES NOT TAKE HIM OUTSIDE THE FOLDS OF ISLAM. So `Ali (ra) did not commit an illegal act by marrying his daughter to a non-Muslim.

On the other hand, when debating a Mu`tazili called `Amro about the ruling of Abu Bakr (ra) and `Umar (ra), he jumped like a buffoon full of enthusiasm and said that a great team of Muslims (means Shia) agree that they are both apparently kouffar by rejecting Imamah.

A follower of his desires just like the rest of his followers…

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