Response to: Combining of Two Prayers 2


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: “Combining of Two Prayers – 2”. The article can be found here.

In this article, SoA provides three narrations that suggest the permissibility of combining prayers. As we have mentioned in a previous response, which can be found here, is that there are certain circumstances when it is permissible to combine prayers.
SoA quote:

we find in vol 1, page 258 that there is a chapter on this issue, and it gives us ahadeeth of ibn abbass, who says that holy prophet offered prayers though there was no problem like fear or journey. when he was asked for the reason, he replied that it was because of the fact that prophet wished that there should be ease for the people

Indeed. There are reasons to combining prayers outside of those two reasons, and these exceptions were made to make the religion easier for the people. These include reasons like combining prayers when one is sick, or during rain.

SoA share the following:

we find yet another hadeeth and it is from moadh bin jabal, it is on page 252; here is the scan

 The scan clearly shows that this was during travels. It is not likely that there is a practicing Sunni alive that is ignorant of this fact. It is as we have stated, there are exceptions to combining prayers. These do not include the apathy that some Shias display towards their prayers.

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