Issues of Ghaybah [Part-8] – Shiite scholars complaining about the Imam’s Ghaybah


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Peace be upon this nation and its Prophet,

In this article we will return to the topic of the issues faced by the Shia scholars in their religion as a result of his Ghaybah, since the 12th Imam’s job was to clarify the religion and guide to the correct laws of Islam according to the Shia belief, they have suffered greatly because of his constant absence or rather non-existence. In this piece we present new examples of their failures and weak excuses.

First of all we begin with the bitter deviant Shia scholar, Ni`matullah al-Jaza’iri, he is discussing whether cursing Abu Bakr and `Umar and the other so called “tyrants” will increase their torment in the hereafter or not. He says in the book “Noor al-Anwar fi Sharh al-Saheefah al-Sajjadiyyah” in the second Du`a’, pg.58:

ان لعنهم من باب شكاية المظلوم من ظالمه , فإنهم ظلموا جميع المسلمين لأن منهم قد ثارت الفتن أولاً , ومنهم إستتر الإمام العدل وبقي الناس في ظلم الجهالة , فقد ظلمونا نحن معاشر المسلمين ولعمري ان ظلمهم علينا أشد من ظلمهم على أهل البيت (ع) , لأن فوائدهم كانت تصل إلينا , وإني كلما أشكلت علي مسألة أوجبت على نفسي لعنهم والبراءة منهم , لأنهم سبب إستتار الحجة , بل وفي كل فساد وقع وفي الخبر أن القائم يحيهم ويلزمهم بكل ذنب وفساد وقع في هذه الدنيا حتى قتل قابيل هابيل ورمي أخوة يوسف له في الجب ورمي إبراهيم في النار وسائر ما وقع

[Cursing them is in the context of one who is oppressed complaining about his oppressor, for they have oppressed all Muslims by starting the tribulations, and it is because of them that the (12th) Imam has hidden and thus the people remained in the darkness of ignorance. They have have oppressed us Muslims more than they oppressed Ahlul-Bayt (as), because their benefits used to reach us, and whenever I would have a hard time with a (religious) issue I have made it a habit to curse them and disown them, for they are the cause of the absence(Ghaybah) of Allah’s proof rather they are the cause of all corruption, this is why al-Qa’im(Mahdi) will revive them and blame them for every sin and corruption in earth such as Qabeel killing Habeel, the sin of Yusuf being thrown down by his brothers, the sin of Ibrahim being placed in the fire and so on..]

What a magnificent piece this is, here we can see the pure hatred and malice they hold towards the companions and the Muslims, we can also see that the people today are in the darkness of ignorance without guidance, of course he believes this since they abandoned the Sunnah and the Qur’an that are the true means of guidance for our nation, not the scared one hiding in the cellar. Then we see that the Shia scholars have a lot of trouble with interpreting Qur’anic verses and conflicting narrations and unreliable sciences of Hadith and forged books that they can’t reach the truth, so they curse the tyrants who drove the 12th Imam to hiding as they can’t solve many of these issues without the guidance of an infallible. Perhaps from the most important part is that he claimed that Allah’s divine proof is concealed, although the true Muslims know that Allah’s divine proof is his book and the way of his Prophet (saw).

Shia Imami scholar al-Majlisi al-Awwal also speaks of his frustrations that most of the narrations of Ahlul-Bayt were lost, and that the new manuscripts of Hadith they are finding recently do not add any new information to what the Shia already have in their main books, he says in “Rawdat-ul-Muttaqeen” 14/104:

وكذا كتاب الأمالي وقرب الإسناد والبصائر المحاسن لما أشتغل أصحابنا في جمع , وقليلاً مايوجد في هذه الكتب شيئ لم يكن مثله في الكتب الأربعة المشهورة وفائدتها تقوية أخبار الكتب الأربعة غالباً , ونرجوا من الله تعالى ظهور صاحب الأمر حتى يتخلـص العالـمون من هذه الهمــــوم

[The same can be said of the books: al-Amali, Qurb al-Isnad, Basa’ir al-Darajat and al-Mahasin who were collected by our companions, for we barely find any new narrations contained within them that aren’t included in the four popular main books, so their benefit is often reduced to simply strengthening the authenticity of the other narrations in our four books. We hope from Allah to make the Mahdi appear so that the (Shia) scholars can be freed from these burdens.]

As we can see, their situation is very bad without an infallible Imam, this is their punishment for cursing those whom Allah loves maybe.

What is the 12th Imam waiting for? No one knows, HOWEVER it was narrated by al-Mufid the Shia leader himself, that he was attending a meeting with one of the kings or governors of his time, so a man asks him: “You guys narrate that the Imam shall rise as soon as he acquires a number of supporters equal to that of those who fought in Badr, around 310 men. The number of Shia today far exceeds this, so why does he not appear?”

al-Mufid replies: “Yes this is true, but the companions of the Imam who fight alongside him have certain qualities, and these qualities have not yet been realized with the Shia alive today. From their qualities is that they must be patient, they must be brave, sincere in their struggle and place the after-life before the worldly-life, they must be clean inwardly from defects and have healthy minds, and they must not weaken in face of the enemies.”

This is literally how al-Mufid described them, are you telling us O Shia, that among the 180,000,000 followers of the Mahdi today, you seriously can’t find people of this quality? Does this make sense to you? Those qualities can be found in thousands of Muslims today from all ages, nationalities and genders even if the majority surrounding them are weak in faith. Overall, this is a proof that throughout 1,200 years, we could never find around 300 Shia with those noble qualities above, this alone is enough for us to abandon such god-forsaken people.

Al-Mufid says:

ولو علم الله تعالى أن في جملتهم العدد المذكور على ما شرطناه لظهر الإمام لامحاله ولم يغب بعد اجتماعهم طرفة عين ، لكن المعلوم خلاف ما وصفناه ، فلذلك ساغ للإمام الغيبة على ما ذكرناه

[If Allah knew that among them (Shia) is the required number with their qualities then it would not be acceptable for the Mahdi to hide any longer, but what is known is that they aren’t found so for this reason it is allowed for the Imam to disappear.]

Allahu-Akbar! So all this fuss about the enemies of the Imam and his fear of death, turns out he’s only waiting for 300 people who are brave and sincere. I ask, how can 300 people change anything today? You’ll tell me that “Allah will help them, as he helped the Muslims in Badr with the angels.” If this is the case then  WHY IS THERE A NEED FOR THREE HUNDRED SUPPORTERS IN THE FIRST PLACE!? The Mahdi can just appear on his own and Allah will help him with the angels and the miracles and he won’t be touched!! He can establish his rule and guide the people to correct Islam as he should have done 1,200 years ago.

The man then asked al-Mufid a very important question, he asked:

ومن أين لنا أن شروط القوم على ما ذكرت

“From where do we know that the people must have those qualities that you mentioned?”

This is really important, because the narration doesn’t actually state those specific characteristics and qualities that al-Mufid counted for us above, it just says that the 12th Imam shall rise if he could find as much supporters as those who supported Rasul-Allah (saw) in Badr. This was the Shia belief and their number is 313 to be exact, as stated in Ghaybat al-Tusi and Ghaybat al-Nu`mani and `Ayyashi other books.

So listen to al-Mufid’s convincing reply:

فقلت: إذا ثبت وجوب الإمامة وصحت الغيبة لم يكن لنا طريق إلى تصحيح الخبر إلا بما شرحناه ، فمن حيث قامت دلائل الإمامة والعصمة وصدق الخبر حكمنا بما ذكرناه

[I replied: If it is established that Imamah is necessary, and that Ghaybah is correct, then there is no way for us to explain it other than what we said. Since Imamah was established through its proofs and so was Ghaybah and the narration was truthful, then we have explained it accordingly.]

source: Rasa’il al-Ghaybah lil-Mufid 3/11.

In other words, he pretty much said: “Our excuse for Imamah is correct because Imamah is correct and we have no other excuse.” Which means that this is nothing more than a religion of BAD EXCUSES, it makes no sense but its followers will try and make any excuse no matter how nonsensical and pathetic, just to save the sect and its baseless beliefs.

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  1. I have been to a shia mosque and my first feeling was that of some darkness in the atmosphere; although I entered without any bias to the shia. Rather entered there with positivity.
    I’m appaled by their lies and exaggeration and hate for ahl-sunnah. Still I wish the shia brothers well; who seem totally brainwashed and controlled by their scholars.
    Please enter pure and simple Islam.

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