Issues of Ghaybah [Part-12] – Imami Shia refuting Imami Shia on Ghaybah


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Peace be upon our nation and our Prophet,

Since this is our twelfth piece in this blessed series, we decided to refute the myth of Ghaybah but not through our own words, rather this time it will be the Imami Shia themselves who will refute Ghaybah!

What do we mean?

Well the Imami Shia are many groups and sects, some have sillier beliefs than others especially when it comes to Imamah, the Imami Shia scholar we will be quoting to refute Ghaybah is an Isma`eeli Shia, and this group has beliefs that make a lot more sense than the Ithna-`Ashari Shia.

Why do their beliefs make more sense?

Answer: Because they don’t believe in Ghaybah, they’re simply not hypocrites who claim the need for an infallible then when asked about this divine guide, they respond: “He’s not available and we’ve never seen him.”

Isma`eeliyyah as an Imami sect stuck to the traditional Imami belief that the nation must be ruled by an infallible descendant of Aal-Muhammad who is always present as a proof of Allah.

He is al-Da`ee `Ali bin Muhammad al-Waleed (522-612 AH) from Yemen, his book is called “Kitaab Taaj-ul-`Aqaa’id wa Ma`dan-ul-Fawa’id” and we will begin quoting from the man’s book to see the opinion of these Imami Shia concerning Ghaybah.

This man lived in a time when Isma`eeli Shia had a government and ruled vast lands in western Iran. He writes on page 69 of his book, under the 37th belief, the title:

في دفع غيبة الإمام من الأرض

“About refuting the Ghaybah of the Imam in the earth.”

[It is not permitted for the leader(Imam) to be hidden(Ghaybah) from the nation for any reason. If a (small) period were to pass then his closest followers must always be in contact with him, knowing his whereabouts, for they would guide towards him every person with pure intentions, so they may reach his place, his blessing and his guidance.

As for him being hidden(Ghaybah), it can only be caused by three: Either by Allah, by himself or by the people and a fear from the enemies.

The Ghaybah cannot be caused by Allah as it would be like making the people accountable for something that is not in their ability, because Allah does not order the obedience of a man then hide him from us, thus this saying is corrupt as it does not suit Allah’s wisdom and justice.

The Ghaybah also cannot be caused by the person of the Imam, as he is protected from sins, and since his obedience and authority were made obligatory then his presence is necessary, and it is not permitted to say, “He hid himself after he had appeared.” As this would cancel the purpose and the guidance for which he was especially chosen in the first place.

If the Ghaybah was caused by (his fear of) the people, then he has caused doubt in Allah’s religion, since Allah appointed him, and promised that guidance will reach the nation through him, and taught him that he will never exit our world until a man like him succeeds him and inherits his place. This means that his fear from people has no basis, nor because he has suspicions about this matter of his. We seek refuge in Allah from those who attribute these vile things to the Imams of the time, and if someone were to say: He must escape just as it was obligatory on Musa to escape, for Allah said:

{So I fled from you when I feared you. Then my Lord granted me wisdom and prophethood and appointed me [as one] of the messengers.}

We say to him this is true, did you see when Musa fled, did he entirely abandon the world in one go? Or did he disappear shortly until the order of Allah came while still present between Banu Isra’eel? And his location was known and his condition was popular? (Refer to Surat al-Qasas:22) This was because he was being chased and his status was not yet complete, but when he received his complete status he did not return to flee. The Imam(leader) is the judge between Allah’s slaves who received authority from the Wise God, and Allah’s viceroy for his creations, the one who inherits the earth, the one who controls its laws as evidenced by Allah’s words:

{And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a viceroy in the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not.}

And his absence or nonexistence is not permitted under any excuse.]

As the reader can see, these Imami Shia are refuting the other Imami Shia and telling them that their belief in “Ghaybah” makes no sense, has no legitimate excuse and causes one to doubt the religion and Allah’s justice.

May Allah save us from deviance and arrogance and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and companions and all those who followed his guidance.

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