9 – “Umme Kalthum binte Rahab” and the Sunans of Abū Dāwūd and Ibn Mājah


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Answering-Ansar Article:
Nikah of Lady Umme Kulthum[sa] (Revision: 1.0.1)

The Answering-Ansar team, in an attempt to confuse unwary Muslims and distort historical facts, has claimed that `Umar (ra) married five other women of the same name.

They write:

Quoting Answering-Ansar:

Umar had several wives called Umme Kalthum

History establishes that Umar had several wives called Umme Kalthum:

  1. Umme Kalthum Jameela binte Asim bin Thabit – the mother of Asim bin Umar.
    (Tareekh Khamees Volume 2 page 251).
  2. Umme Kalthum binte Jarweela Khuzeema – Her actual name was Maleeka. She was the mother of Zaid bin Umar.
    (Tareekh Kamil Volume 3 page 22).
  3. Umme Kalthum binte Ukba bin Abi Mayyath – Zuhri narrates that during the period of jahiliyya she was the wife of Amr bin Aas. She left him and embraced Islam. Her relatives approached Rasulullah (s) and asked that she be returned. Rasulullah (s) replied ‘Any woman that embraces Islam cannot be returned, Amr bin Aas was a kaffir at the time, she was not returned and Umar married her.
    (Sharh Bukhari, by Qasthalani Volume 4 page 349).
  4. Umme Kalthum binte Rahab.
    (Sunan Abu Daud and Ibn Majah)
  5. Umme Kalthum binte Abu Bakr – Born to Asma binte Umais. She was also the mother of Muhammad bin Abu Bakr. (Alam al Nisa Volume 4 page 250). She was born in 12 Hijri, after the death of Abu Bakr (Tabari Volume 2 page 50; Tareekh Kamil Volume 2 page 161; Tareekh Khamees Volume 2 page 267; al Isaba page 286) Asma married Imam ‘Ali (as) and the young Umme Kalthum joined her mother in the house of Imam ‘Ali (as).

Nikah of Lady Umme Kulthum[as], page 43

As readers would have noticed, Answering-Ansar has provided information about all the women with complete referencing except for the fourth one, “Umm Kalthum binte Rahab.” The only thing one reads with it is the mention of two major books:

  1. Sunan of Abu Dāwūd al-Sijistānī (d. 275)

  1. Sunan of Ibn Mājah al-Qazwīnī (d. 273)

This has been vaguely referenced without any direction as to where the mention of this woman can be found in these books. The question raised here is:

How is that information and accurate referencing is missing solely about the fourth Umm Kulthūm?

Answering-Ansar’s supporters might find this shocking but this, definitely, is not a coincidence.

The truth is that this is a fabrication of the Answering-Ansar team and there is no mention of any “Umme Kalthum binte Rahab” in either the Sunan of Abū Dāwūd or Ibn Mājah. The Sunans of Abū Dāwūd and Ibn Mājah, which are counted as important compilations of narrations by Sunnīs, are easily available around the world. Any Shī`ī or Sunnī can pick one up and lead himself to disappointment.

In fact, there is no mention of “Umm Kalthum binte Rahab” in any of the authoritative Sunnī works of history and narrations at all.

An Open Challenge to Answering-Ansar

However, the benefit of the doubt can be given to the Answering-Ansar team. After all, they are very well known among their Shī`ī readers for their extensive researches, truthfulness and supportive scanned documents.

There is one little thing though:

Can the Answering-Ansar team provide scanned images of the pages of the Sunans of Abū Dāwūd and Ibn Mājah, or any authoritative Sunnī text, that show `Umar ibn al-Khaţţāb (ra) had a wife named “Umm Kalthum binte Rahab”?

A period of two months is given to Answering-Ansar. Starting from the 1st of July, 2009. [Time Expired]

It is now in the hands of the Answering-Ansar team to prove how reliable they are.

[The Answering-Ansar team has failed the challenge and was unsuccessful in providing any evidence for the existence of “Umm Kalthum binte Rahab,” much less for her marriage with `Umar ibn al-Khaţţāb (ra). There should be no doubt now that “Umm Kalthum binte Rahab” is a nonexistent character fabricated by the Answering-Ansar team to mislead their readers.]

It is only Allah (swt) who gives success, and blessings and peace be upon the Seal of the Prophets, his Pure Progeny and his Noble Companions

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