Al-Mufid insults Ja`far’s children


While reading al-Bihar by al-Majlisi, I saw him quote from al-Mufid a passage where he attacks `Abdullah bin Ja`far and Muhammad bin Ja`far. The purpose of this attack was to refute the other Shia sects who did not believe in the Imamah of Musa bin Ja`far, rather they believed in Muhammad and `Abdullah. Therefore, al-Mufid had to refute them by the usual Shia methodology of character assassination, he harshly criticized both sons but little did he know that by doing so, he had exposed the fact that both of Ja`far’s children were from Ahlul-Sunnah and both never believed in a divine Imamah.

We quote al-Bihar volume 37 page 15 where al-Mufid describes the various sects of Tashayyu`:

Muhammad bin Ja`far:

[…However, Muhammad bin Ja`far rebelled with the sword after his father and called for his own Imamah(leadership) and adopted the title of Commander of the faithful(Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen) although none of those who rebelled from the descendants of abu Talib accepted this title. There is no difference among the Imami Shia that whoever accepts such a title after Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen (as) has committed a great sin so how then can such a man be upon the Sunnah of our messenger (saw)…]

Notice how he says that Muhammad rebelled with the sword without receiving any orders from the Imam of his time, notice also that he announced his own leadership with complete disregard to his brother Musa al-Kadhim which shows clearly that the man doesn’t believe that Allah is the one to appoint the nation’s leaders. Then he calls himself Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen, the same title `Umar, `Uthman, Mu`awiyah and every single Caliph of this nation used, this shows that he doesn’t believe in the fabricated Shia reports that say that ONLY `Ali can be referred to with this title. Of course what Muhammad did was perfectly normal, refer to this article for a whole list of `Alawites who rebelled with the sword and declared their leaderships with complete disregard for the fictional Imamah.

`Abdullah bin Ja`far:

[…The Imami Shia who believe in Musa’s Imamah have mass-transmitted that `Abdullah bin Ja`far had issues in his faith, this is because he used to adopt the Madhab of the Murji’ah(Sunnies) who regard `Ali and `Uthman as equals… And he claimed Imamah after his father so he was tested with small matters and he failed to answer so what more can we present to prove that this man can’t be an Imam?…]

Notice dear reader, that al-Mufid in order to disprove the Imamah of `Abdullah had to admit the man was from Ahlul-Sunnah. The Rafidah of those times used to refer to anyone who prefers the Shaykhayn over `Ali ibn abi Talib as “Murji’ah”, the rest of the nation disagrees and uses this term to refer to another sect whose doctrine states that only Allah can judge who is Muslim and who isn’t (click here for info on Murji’ah). Thus, al-Mufid states that `Abdullah prefers Abu Bakr and `Umar and views `Uthman and `Ali as equal. Al-Mufid even mentions reports of how Ja`far used to do Taqiyyah against his own son, whenever `Abdullah entered the room Ja`far would stop narrating to his companions and remain silent until he leaves. It also shows that `Abdullah never saw Imamah as a divine position or that he must be appointed by God to be an Imam.

So ponder O Shia as to how your Imam’s sons are completely ignorant concerning this divine Imamah you claim, the same way that Zayd bin `Ali and Muhammad bin al-Hanafiyyah were ignorant of it according to your own authentic reports.

How naive can you be?

The insults to Jafar’s children don’t end here, we move on to his son Isma`il now and see what al-Saduq said about him in Kamal-ul-Deen 1/70 when refuting those who believe in his Imamah:

[And how can al-Sadiq (as) declare Ismail’s appointment of Imamah when he (as) says about him: “He (Isma`il) is a disobedient (sinner), he doesn’t resemble me nor does he resemble any of my fathers.”]

Notice how al-Sadiq completely disowns his son Ismail by saying he doesn’t resemble him nor any of his fathers before him and that he is a disobedient one. We’re sure if Ismail heard this he’d be heart broken but the Shia had to prove the legitimacy of their Imams by wiping the floor with everyone else.

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