Response to “Concept of ahlubait regarding caliphate of sheikhain-2: sahih sunni chain”


The following is a response to Hasan Molai’s “Concept of ahlubait regarding caliphate of sheikhain-2: sahih sunni chain.” The article can be found on Slave of Ahlubait’s blog and the Wilayat website.

The narration presented states that, “Abu Bakar was delivering khutba one day when came imam Hasan; so He said: Step down from my Father’s Pulpit; so Ali asws said I did not tell him.

The narration provided is weak because Urwa bin Al-Zubair was born after the death of Abu Bakr. So, the very title of the article is fraudulent.

Ironically, even if the narration was authentic, it would be proof for Ahl Al-Sunnah and not against them, for it shows that Ali did not back up the statement of his son and did not resist Abu Bakr’s usurpation of the caliphate. On the contrary, he denied that he ever told his very own children that he was the rightful heir to the caliphate.

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