Response to: Abubakr and Umar CURSED by the Ahl al-Bayt (as) [Part 2]


The following is a response to Guided’s “Abubakr and Umar CURSED by the Ahl al-Bayt (as) [Part 2]”. The article can be found on the Wilayat website.

Guided argues: “This article is related to the crisis between Sayyidah Fatima (as) and the two accursed one: Abubakr and Umar. The follwoing point stands out VERY BOLD from the crisis: Fatima was angry with Abubakr and Umar till her death. SHE NEVER FORGAVE THEM. And this is the crux of the whole debate. Her anger is the anger of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), while the anger of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) is the Anger of Allah (swt). And whosoever earns Allah’s Anger, or His Prophet’s (pbuh), he is CURSED both in this world and the next. We have already detailed the proofs for all these points in the aforementioned articles.

Before even getting into the logical gymnastics that have gone so wrong in the argument above, one needs to first establish some factors before assuming that Abu Bakr and Omar are cursed.

If someone were to anger Fatima accidentally, due to a misunderstanding, would that make someone cursed for all eternity? What if someone stepped on her toe accidentally? Surely eternal punishment would not be the retaliation of a fair god.

We maintain the position that angering the awliya’ of Allah does in fact anger Him, as per Saheeh Al-Bukhari #6021. (Also see this article for more examples on.) However, this occurs only when one inexcusably and purposefully intends to harm them. This also begs the question, what if one of the awliya’ of Allah harms another one of the awliya’ of Allah? We currently do not hold an answer to that question.

In regards to Abu Bakr and Omar, we do not find any evidences that Omar angered Fatima through authentic narrations, while we hold the opinion that Abu Bakr angered Fatima due to a misunderstanding.

Guided argues:

4. Considering that she never forgave them, then Allah IS still angry with both of them!

  1. Therefore, both are ACCURSED in both this world and the next!

We find the double-standards ironic. The argument is that Fatima remained angry until her death means that she remains angry until the Day of Judgment. This is especially baseless from a Shia perspective, which holds that Fatima is currently taking part in world affairs, responding to calls of intercession, and perhaps even participating in creating, as per the extreme views of some Shias.

We ask: Even if we assume that Fatima was angered at Abu Bakr up until the time of her death, is it not possible for her to forgive him after her death since she is pretty much alive according to Shia thought?

Shias seem to forget that Abu Bakr does show remorse in regards to the alleged attack on Fatima, and this has been argued on both the Imam Reza website and on Shiapen.

If Shias want to believe that Fatima is still angry over a monetary disagreement for a thousand and four-hundred years, then that is their issue, but Ahl Al-Sunnah do not believe that this is befitting of her character, for even pious non-Muslims have been known to forgive those that have wronged them.

Note: Guided also provides a narration that suggests that the Prophet – peace be upon him – told Fatima that Allah becomes angry when she becomes angry. We have commented on this meaning above, but we like to add that the narration is weak according to Al-Thahabi, who weakened it in his commentary on Al-Mustadrak due to the weakness of Al-Hussain bin Zaid.

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