Jafar Al-Sadiq is a Descendant of Abu Bakr


Jafar Al-Sadiq is a Descendant of Abu Bakr



In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful…


The following article will provide conclusive proof that Jafar Al-Sadiq is a descendant of Abu Bakr, from Sunni and Shia sources. The article will also include a refutation to a desperate Shia attempt to weaken one of these narrations in which Jafar speaks highly of his great-grandfather.


The article will be split into the following sections:


  •  Jafar Al-Sadiq is a descendent of Abu Bakr (Sunni Sources)
  •  Jafar Al-Sadiq is a descendent of Abu Bakr (Shia Sources)
  •  Jafar Al-Sadiq Proudly Claims that he is a Descendant of Abu Bakr
  •  Shia Attempt to Respond to the Narration
  •  Conclusion



Jafar Al-Sadiq is a descendent of Abu Bakr (Sunni Sources)


Ibn Sa’ad (230 AH) in his Tabaqat 7/543 said:


Jafar bin Mohammad bin Ali bin Husain bin Abi bin Abi Talib. His mother’s name is Um Farwa bint Al-Qasim bin Mohammad bin Abi Bakr Al-Siddeeq.



Ibn Hibban (354 AH) in his Thiqaat 3/251 said:


The mother of Jafar bin Mohammad is Um Farwa bint Al-Qassim bin Mohammad bin Abi Bakr Al-Siddeeq.



Jafar Al-Sadiq is a descendent of Abu Bakr (Shia Sources)

Al-Mufeed (413 AH) in Al-Irshad p. 262 said:


His (Jafar’s) mother is Um Farwa bint Mohammad bin Abi Bakr.



Al-Tusi (460AH) in his Tahtheeb Al-Ahkam 6/1345 said:


His (Jafar’s) mother is Um Farwa bint Al-Qassim bin Mohammad the generous bin Abi Bakr.



Jafar Al-Sadiq Proudly Claims that he is a Descendant of Abu Bakr


In an authentic narration in Musnad Musadad, Jafar praises Abu Bakr then states: “He gave birth to me twice.” (See ItHaaf Al-Maharah #8852)


jafar al-sadiqThis statement might seem strange, but those that are familiar with the geneology of Jafar Al-Sadiq will not be surprised. We have included an image of the nasab of Jafar for the sake of clarity.






Ayatollah Qazwini’s Attempt to Respond to the Narration


img-20161222-wa0036Below, we find a response to the previous narration from the valiasr-aj website, the website is under the supervision of Ayatollah Mohammad Hussaini Qazwini.



 As we can see, the refutation includes a statement from Imam Ahmad in which he strongly denounces Mu’ath bin Al-Muthanna, a narrator of the hadith. However, upon returning to the original source that is quoted, we found a completely different statement.



“He (Mu’ath) said: It was said to Ahmad: What of a man that purposefully does not pray the witr prayer? He (Ahmad) said: Who does that is a bad man, he left the sunnah of the Prophet – peace be upon him – . He then said: He is a person whose adala has been dropped if he purposefully did not pray the witr.


As we can see, the statement from Imam Ahmad has nothing to do with Mu’ath. Rather, Mu’ath is simply quoting from Imam Ahmad.






In conclusion, it is clear to the objective observer that Jafar Al-Sadiq has twice as much of Abu Bakr’s blood running through his veins than the blood of Ali bin Abi Talib.


Now, we are fully aware that being a descendant of someone does not mean that one is upon his views, however, we simply wanted to bring this information to the attention of our Shia readers, since most of them have been oblivious of this fact that was hidden away by their scholars. This reality is especially embarrassing for those that claim that Abu Bakr is from a impure lineage that actively and openly participated in lewd acts.


In one of our future projects – Allah willing – , we will be compiling authentic narrations from Jafar Al-Sadiq in which he praises Abu Bakr, so stay tuned.


  1. Pathetic argument. Muhammad ibn Abu bakr (ra) was a Shia of Ali (as) who fought against amr as and muawiyah until he was eventually killed by them in egypt. Even muawiyah called him “the one who faults his own father”. For this reason, Sunnis don’t call him (ra) or the uncle of the believers. He also took part in the killing of uthman. What a pathetic argument. Sunnis even say the Prophets saw parents were kaafirs, but try and use this to prove Abu bakr is good.

    • Oh so you take Mu`awiyah’s statement now? Mu`awiyah simply meant that Ibn Abi Bakr’s actions in opposing `Uthman’s leadership are against his father’s opinion since Aba Bakr used to tell `Uthman “You are surely worthy of leadership.” As for Ibn Abi Bakr, I can quote you authentic narrations of him praising Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, he also repented from entering on `Uthman when the latter reminded him of his father. If you wish to believe he did kill him as opposed to facts, then Muhammad bin Abu Bakr is cursed by `Ali, since `Ali in authentic narrations cursed all killers of `Uthman. In the end, Muhammad bin Abi Bakr’s life ended tragically and his son al-Qassim bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr (grandfather of al-Sadiq) was one of the biggest scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah and narrates a lot in the books of Hadith, he did not believe in “Imamah” or any superstition.

  2. They argue back by saying that although the Imams from Ja’far and onward are all descendants of Abu Bakr (ra), it is through his son Muhammad who they say was a rafidhi shi’i. As have been claimed in the comments already, they say he took part in the killing of Uthman aswell. In other words, they say that the imams are from the line of Muhammad b. Abi Bakr who was a completely different man compared to his father. My humble suggestion therefore is that you make an article about him, the lies and rumours surrounding him, the Sunni stance with regards to him, and also whether or not his sons etc were rawafidh.

    • The son of Muhammad bin Abu Bakr is al-Qasim bin Muhammad who is one of the biggest scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah. Muhammad was not a Rafidi, in fact `Ali cursed `Uthman’s killers in several authentic reports, we believe Muhammad turned back and did not kill `Uthman as is recorded in several sources. Muhammad is has been reported to have praised his father Abu Bakr in a Sahih Hadith, so he certainly is no Rafidi.

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