Al-Kulayni Tampers with a Narration


Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem,

During out readings, it is through the grace of Allah that we have stumbled upon a narration that implicates Al-Kulayni of altering a narration.

The narration in Al-Kafi states that Tahir said:

Abu Abdullah (as) (Ja’afar Al-Sadiq) blamed, reprimanded, advised Abdullah (his son), and said, “What prevents you from being like your brother, for I see light emit from his face?” Abdullah said, “Why? Isn’t his father and mine the same person? Isn’t his mother and mine the same person?” Abu Abdullah said, “He is from me and you are my son.”

Chapter: Evidence for Abu Al-Hasan Musa (as) / Hadith #10


However, we find that Ali Ibn Babawayh, the father of Al-Saduq, quoted the exact same hadith, with the same exact chain, however, it ends differently. The narration ends with Abu Abdullah (as) saying, “Isma’eel is from me and you are my son.” Al-Imamah wal Tabsira #63

Conclusion: Ali Ibn Babawayh did not find anything problematic with the narration which allowed him to include it in his book. To him, this narration is evidence that Abdullah is not an infallible Imam. It also is evidence that Isma’eel was a good man. However, Al-Kulayni did not come to the same conclusion. To him, this narration is evidence that Isma’eel was the Imam after Ja’afar Al-Sadiq, which is why he changed the narration from “Isma’eel” to an ambiguous, “He.” This allows the report to be interpreted to be referring to Musa Al-Kathim, who Twelver Shias regard to be the Imam. He then included this report in the Chapter of Evidence for Musa.


It is time for Shias to turn their backs on Al-Kulayni who has betrayed Islam by tampering with narrations.

Screenshots can be seen below.

Ibn Babawayh


    • A statement like that doesn’t mean much without evidence. If you feel that way, why don’t you reject all three men, instead of just rejecting Bukhari and Muslim alone? Or do you take your religion from liars as long as they are Shia?

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