Fake Students of the Imams

March 8, 2019 twelvershia.net 2

In Shi’ite biographical Rijal sources, various transmitters are often identified as companions and students of the Imams.  Multiple Twelver hadith compilers were thus said to be the students of several Imams. After a careful analysis, however, it became apparent that these [read more]


The Zaidi Dilemma: Shia Hadith Sources

March 7, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

Throughout history, various Muslim schools (asides from the Twelver school) have claimed to be the inheritors of Ahlulbait’s legacy. Most classical Shi’ite schools, however, have perished, and only a few remain today. The few surviving schools, nevertheless, all claim to be representative of [read more]


Abu Hurayrah & The Mirage of Lies

March 5, 2019 twelvershia.net 1

This article partially is a response to the extended rant by Yasin T. al-Jibouri on Al-Islam.org: Abu Hurayrah and The Falsification of Traditions For over a millennium , Shi’ite scholarship has felt the need to attack and vilify various companions of [read more]


The Mohseni Dilemma

March 5, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

‘Ilm Al-Rijal is the discipline where the reliability and status of hadith transmitters is discerned and evaluated. It is the backbone of the hadith sciences, since the acceptance and rejection of historical reports hinges upon the reliability of their respective [read more]