Taqiyyah, Hadith & The No True Scotsman Fallacy

March 25, 2019 twelvershia.net 3

The “No True Scotsman” fallacy is a logical fallacy where a claimant attempts to defend a universal generalization from counterexamples that undermine its veracity. Instead of qualifying his generalization or addressing the counterexample(s), the claimant rather dismisses the counterexample(s) by [read more]


“Nad-e-Ali” is NOT Authentic

March 24, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

“Nad-e-Ali” is a famous supplication that is popular among certain Twelver communities today. To the average Muslim, the duaa is a clear and apparent manifestation of ghuluww (extremism) in the status of ‘Ali b. Abi Taleb, which has unfortunately been normalized [read more]


Shia Double Standards on ‘Adalah Al-Sahabah

March 9, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

The concept of ‘Adalah (integrity) of the Sahabah often is a matter of controversy in Sunni-Shia polemics. Many Shi’ite polemicists, as demonstrated in this article, often misunderstand and distort the concept. Asides from the prevalent misrepresentation and strawmanning of the [read more]