Response to: Kill Mawia when you see him on my Pulpit – 4


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: “Kill Mawia when you see him on my Pulpit – 4”. The article can be found here.

Do refer to our refutations of parts 1-3, which can be found on our page that is dedicated to refuting this blog.

In this article, SoA quotes several narrations in an attempt to authenticate this narration.

However, after their first chain, they admit that:

this chain is not that strong, and has many weak links 

Then, they quote another narration and comments:

next is amr bin ubaid, and he is the weak link in this case

We at are thinking of hiring SoA since he is doing such a good job weakening fabrications and saving us the trouble of doing so.

SoA then quotes two more narrations, both from Al-Kamil by Ibn Adi. One by Hakeem bin Thuhair and the second by Ali bin Zaid bin Jad’aan. Both narrators have been severely weakened according to the majority of the hadith scholars, and Ibn Adi only quoted their narrations in his book to show that they are weak, since his book is a book of weak narrators.

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