Response to: Prophet asws Curses Mawia, Sunni Scholars Hide the Name


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: Prophet asws Curses Mawia, Sunni Scholars Hide the Name.

In this article, SoA quotes a narration several times, while admitting that all of them are weak. In the process, SoA makes the argument that Sunnis have tampered with the narration.

In short, the weak narration can be found in Musnad Abi Ya’ala, and within it we find that the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa salam) asks Allah to damn two men. In Al-Suyuti’s Al-La’aali’ Al-Masnoo’a, he damns Mu’awiyah and Amr bin Al-Aas. This has led SoA to the conclusion that Sunnis have tampered with their books.

SoA argues:
look carefully, in the very beginning sayooti said it is from abu yala
and he mentioned the names as mawia and amr bin aas

SoA doesn’t seem to be aware that Abu Ya’ala had more than one book. In fact, the published copy of Al-Musnad by Abu Ya’ala that has arrived to us today is a much shortened version of what was available to scholars in the past. See Siyar A’alam Al-Nubala’a 1/861.

Furthermore, there are other evidences that suggest that this is a different hadith, including the fact that there are variations in the text that are irrelevant to Nasibi inclinations. These include one version including that this happened during travels, when the other doesn’t. One version says that the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa salam) heard two people singing, while the other says he heard the sound of singing. One version includes a line of poetry, while the other doesn’t. Also, the second narration includes Ali bin Al-Munthir as the shaikh of Abu Ya’ala and the removal of Abu Hilal from the chain.

As any objective reader can see, this hadith is a different hadith from the first. Therefore, it is not fair to accuse modern publishers, scribes, or anyone for tampering with the book of Abu Ya’ala, since there are no evidences of this.

Furthermore, the Prophet – peace be upon him – was not known for lanat, which is additional proof that such narrations should not be accepted.

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