Response to: Mawia Charging a Sahabi with Madness upon hearing a Hadeeth


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article, which he entitled: “Mawia Charging a Sahabi with Madness upon hearing a Hadeeth: Authentic Narration.” The article was published on the 4th of March, 2012, and can be found here.

SoA quotes:
hazrat hunzila narrates that once i was sitting with mawia when two men came fighting. each of them said that he martyred hazrat ammar (r.a). abdullah bin amr said: each of you should congratulate eachother because i had heard holy prophet asws saying that ammar would be killed by rebel group. mawia said:why are you then with us? o amr (mawia is speaking to his father now)! why do you not make us free of his mad person of yours? he replied: once my father complained to holy prophet about me. and he told me to obey my father for whole of my life. and not to disobey him. that is why i am with you, but not there in fights
[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 3, page 641, narration 6929]

Then SoA comments:
so, what we learn from this is that mawia did not accept the hadeeth of sahabi just on the ground that he was sahabi
also, we see that he charged him with madness

In response we say: The narration does not indicate that Mu’awiyah rejected the narration of Abdullah bin Amr. His comments are made because he does not see the logic in Abdullah bin Amr’s actions. For one that believes himself to be on the side of the “rebels”, who is condemning his own party, would not usually stick with the same group.

In another authentic narration, in Musnad Ahmad #17110, we find Mu’awiyah’s first reaction to the news that Ammar was killed and to the hadith, which in this case was narrated by Amr bin Al-Aas. He said, “We killed him?! It was Ali and his companions that tossed him upon our spears/swords that did it!” Since they allowed `Ammar to fight while he was above ninety years old.

As we can see in this narration, Mu’awiyah is not rejecting the narration, but using it as evidence against Ali. He does not accuse Amr bin Al-Aas either, for he believes that the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa salam) said those words.

Note: We do not agree with Mu’awiyah’s interpretation of the hadith, but we have included it in order to show that he did accept the narration as authentic.

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