Response to Ayesha doubting the Intellect of Bibi Fatima (a.s)?


The following is a response to Karbalai Hussainiyya’s (translated by SlaveOfAhlubait) “Ayesha doubting the Intellect of Bibi Fatima (a.s)?” The article can be found on SoA’s blog and the Wilayat website.

SlaveOfAhlubait quotes the following narration, then provides a short commentary.

“Ayesha says that I never saw anyone in habits and ways more similar to Holy Prophet (asws) than Bibi Fatima (asws) in standing and sitting. When she would meet Holy Prophet (asws), He would stand up, kiss her, and make her sit at his place. And When Holy Prophet (asws) would meet her, She would stand up, kiss him and make him sit at her place. When Prophet (asws) got ill, She met him, and fell on him, and then raised her head and cried, then fell on him, raised her head again, and laughed. I used to think she is the most intelligent in women, but she was a women. When HE died, I asked her that I had seen you laying on him, raising head and crying; and then laying on him, raising head and laughing; what made You do this? She replied that Holy Prophet (asws) had told her that He would die in this illness, so She cried; and then He told her that She would be the first of AhluBait to meet Him, so She laughed”

SoA comments:
“So, We see that there was a particular reason for the way Bibi Fatima (asws) behaved, but Ayesha doubted her intellect without asking her the reason at that time.”

I respond:
“Doubted her intellect?” What does that even mean? Is that a suggestion that A’isha believed that Fatima was mentally deficient? The correct criticism towards A’isha is that she referred to Fatima as “a woman”, since she believed that Fatima’s emotions were getting the best of her.

This is a desperate attempt by the Shias to defame A’isha and her position towards Fatima. Is it not enough for the Shias to find A’isha claiming that there is nothing who is similar in her habits to the Prophet – peace be upon him – than Fatima? Is it not enough for the Shias to find A’isha narrating that Fatima is the mistress of the believers of paradise as per Saheeh Muslim #4488?

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  1. My brothers from Shia (Not all of them) look at things with a bad motive and thus they will see everthing bad.
    Aisha doubted because the behaviour of Fatima was not the usual one and that is why she asked her to get explanation.

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