Response to Ayesha divorced before Marriage to Holy Prophet (asws) as per Imam of Ahlu Sunnah?


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait “Ayesha divorced before Marriage to Holy Prophet (asws) as per Imam of Ahlu Sunnah?” The article can be found on his blog and on the Wilayat website.

SlaveOfAhlubait, in an attempt to discredit A’isha, he quoted the following narration:

Abdullah bin Nameer >>> al Ajlah >>> Abdullah bin Abi Malika says

When Holy Prophet (asws) proposed to Abu Bakar regarding Ayesha, He said that I have given her to Muta’m son of Jubair, so He told them and He divorced her, and then married her to Holy Prophet (asws)

Even though there are some doubts regarding the narration, we find that the narration is in favor of Ahlulsunnah, since it suggests that the Prophet – peace be upon him – insisted in having A’isha as his wife, even though she was married to someone else.

To be fair, we do believe, through other authentic hadiths that the marriage was not consummated, since it has been established through other narrations that A’isha was a virgin. (See Saheeh Al-Bukhari #4384 and #4687.)

In other words, if we were to authenticate the narration provided by SlaveOfAhlubait, then we would have to reconcile the two narrations by holding the view that the marriage was not consummated and that she was still a virgin when she married the Prophet – peace be upon him – .

Ironically, the view that A’isha was married off as a virgin to the Prophet – peace be upon him – is the position of the top Shia scholars throughout history, like Al-Tusi in Al-Mabsoot 4/270 and Al-Tabrasi in I’lam Al-Wara 1/276. With this in mind, it is strange for SlaveOfAhlubait to hold the view that is suggested by an odd Sunni narration, while rejecting the views of his top scholars.

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