Sunni-Shia debate Al-Tabligh verse & Ghadir Khumm


A friendly discussion between Iranian brother Hassan Shemrani (Sunni convert from Shi’ism) and an Iraqi Shia debater in Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner, London, UK (13/08/2017)

Topics covered:

– Al-Tablīgh verse (Arabic: آیة التَّبليغ, propagation/proclamation verse) which is the 67th verse of Surat Al-Ma’ida. Shi’a believe that the subject of the message of the verse was the succession of the Prophet (s) by ‘Ali (r).

– The Event of Ghadīr (Arabic: واقعة الغدير), according to Shi’a beliefs, on his return from Hajjat al-Wida’, the Prophet (s) introduced Imam Ali (s) as his Khalifah (successor) after himself at a place called Ghadir Khumm.

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