Deconstructing Kitab Sulaym bin Qays

March 30, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

A critical analysis of Kitab Sulaym b. Qays Al-Hilali, which allegedly is the earliest extant Shi’ite historical source today. The Book of Sulaym contains the earliest and most detailed account of the alleged attack on Fatimah’s house, and it also [read more]


Al-Baqir Endorses Ibn ‘Umar

March 28, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

‘Abdullah b. ‘Umar b. Al-Khattab is a companion of the Prophet who is regularly reviled in Twelver sources. He is constantly slandered and criticized by Twelver polemicists in an attempt to undermine his reliability as a transmitter of hadith and [read more]


Shia Double Standards with Abu Hurayrah

March 26, 2019 twelvershia.net 1

How many an instance have we heard Twelver polemicists object to Abu Hurayrah’s reliability as a transmitter of hadith by citing his alleged transmission of 5374 reports? In this misleading appeal, which we have already addressed in this article, Shi’ite [read more]


Taqiyyah, Hadith & The No True Scotsman Fallacy

March 25, 2019 twelvershia.net 3

The “No True Scotsman” fallacy is a logical fallacy where a claimant attempts to defend a universal generalization from counterexamples that undermine its veracity. Instead of qualifying his generalization or addressing the counterexample(s), the claimant rather dismisses the counterexample(s) by [read more]


“Nad-e-Ali” is NOT Authentic

March 24, 2019 twelvershia.net 0

“Nad-e-Ali” is a famous supplication that is popular among certain Twelver communities today. To the average Muslim, the duaa is a clear and apparent manifestation of ghuluww (extremism) in the status of ‘Ali b. Abi Taleb, which has unfortunately been normalized [read more]