Lectures on Shias

This section of the sites includes audio lectures for those that prefer to learn about the Shia faith through audio instead of reading.

We currently only have three series’ of lectures on Shias, but we will grow with time inshallah.

Al Imamah wal Nass lecture series is originally based on Faysal Noor’s masterpiece by the same name. In this series of lectures on the Shia concept of Imamah, we discover the contradictions that surround this critical article of faith.

Al Murajaat was originally a book written by the Shia scholar Abdul Hussain Sharaffuddeen Al Musawi. This book is perhaps the mother of all modern polemical works. Contemporary Shia scholars and laymen alike constantly abuse the material in this book when debating Sunnis. This audio lecture series focuses on refuting the main arguments provided by Abdul Hussain.

Another important aspect of Shiasm that is often ignored is the weak foundation of Hadith sciences. These two lectures on Shia hadith sciences will provide listeners with the background information and problematic matters that surround Shia the subject: Lecture 1 – Lecture 2

Mutah marriage has recently become one of the common controversial topics on internet forums, in this audio lecture of our writers will clarify the ruling of temporary marriage in Islam and refute Shia doubts.