The Meaning of Rijs in 33:33

January 17, 2017 twelvershia.net 3

The Meaning of Rijs in (33:33) For those the Shias that have dared to ask themselves: “What does Rijs mean?” We decided to write up a short article that answers the question. Unlike our previous article that was a general [read more]


Al Qunduzi “Al Hanafi” Exposed

September 24, 2016 twelvershia.net 1

Al Qunduzi Al Hanafi Exposed It is without a doubt that one of the most commonly used sources in the world of Sunni-Shia polemics is Al-Qunduzi Al-Hanafi’s Yanabee’ Al-Muwadda. This is not a surprise, since the book is attributed to [read more]


A Criticism Against: Mi’raj, the Night Ascension

November 10, 2015 twelvershia.net 0

This article, entitled: “Mi’raj, the Night Ascension”, originally a section from Al-Faidh Al-Kashani’s “Nawadir Al-Akhbar”, was translated by Saleem Bhimji, the Director at the Islamic Publishing House. The article can be found on al-islam.org. Like everything Shiasm, all revolves around [read more]