The Refutations page is arranged according to the websites that host the arguments. By clicking on the name of a website below, you will be taken to a page listing the refutation for the articles of the respective websites.

Rules of Commenting: All the brothers and sisters who wish to leave their valuable comments on our articles must abide by the following rules: Comments must be relevant to article. Comments must not contain profanity and foul language. Comments must be brief, very large texts will not be accepted. Comments must have solid academic material. As exceptions, comments with questions will be accepted as well as “Thank you” comments out of politeness.

1st Note: We warn our followers that some Shias have now become aware of our website, thus they may try to alter some of their previous articles to save their reputation, “RevisitingTheSalaf” has done this to some of their old articles which we refuted. Also we add that the new policy is not to refute every single article on every single website as that takes a lot of time and is unnecessary most of the time, we will only refute the best and strongest articles they have InshaAllah.

2nd Note: Our readers should also know this, that the Imami sect just like any other deviant sect is hell-bent on proving the legitimacy of their beliefs, they will use any weapon to win an argument even lying, they will resort to trickery and word-play. One of the weapons which they would use to fool their readers into thinking that they have won an argument, is if they have the last word. Meaning, they will attempt to refute some of our articles, their refutations will usually range between acceptable to extremely weak. With this said, we would like to inform the reader than when they do try to refute us, we will only refute them back if we see something worth answering in their new article.

1) website

2) (

3) Umar-ibn-Khattab (blog)

4) Ghadir786 website

5) Reviving-al-Islam (Nader Zaveri)


7) website


9) Slave of Ahlubait’s Blog

10) website

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