Exposing the Deceptions of the Author of Al-Muraja’at


Book title:

The Fierce Lashings in Exposing the Deceptions of the Author of Al-Murāja`āt

(Al-Siyāt-ul-Ladhi`āt fi Kashf Kadhib wa Tadlīs Sāḥib-il-Murāja`āt)
`Abdullah bin `Abshan al-Ghamidi

Translated by:
Hani Al-Trabulsi

The author of the book writes in the introduction:

Dear respected reader, you will discover the reality of [‘Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din] al-Mūsawi and his book simply by browsing through the pages of our own. You shall see that it is nothing more than a trick where he manipulates the events and forges them without any hint of objectivity, you will also see al-Mūsawi’s ignorance, his lies and his deception, qualities that no God-fearing believer should have. (pg. 10-11)

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