al-Mufid was asked about Mut`ah so he answered…

Shia leader al-Mufid was asked by some man:

فقال صاحب المجلس وهو رجل أعجمي لا معرفة له بالفقه وإنما يعرف الظواهر: أنا أسالك في هذا الباب عن مسالة خبرني هل تزوج رسول الله (ص) متعة أو تزوج أمير المؤمنين – عليه السلام – ؟ فقلت له: لم يات بذلك خبر ولا علمته. فقال لي: لو كان في المتعة خير ما تركها رسول الله (ص) وأمير المؤمنين – عليه السلام -، فقلت له: أيها القائد ليس كل ما لم يفعله رسول الله (ص) كان محرما وذلك أن رسول الله (ص) والائمة – عليهم السلام – كافة لم يتزوجوا بالاماء، ولا نكحوا الكتابيات

[…The man said, and he was a non-Arab who had no knowledge of Fiqh but only took what is apparent: “I ask you about a matter, did the messenger (saw) or `Ali (as) marry in Mut`ah?” I (al-Mufid) said to him: “There is no narration to prove this nor do I know of such a thing taking place.” so the man said: “If there was  any goodness in Mut`ah they would not have abandoned it!” so I (al-Mufid) said to him: “O leader, not everything the messenger (saw) never did is Haram. Because the Prophet (saw) and the Imams (as), all of them never married slave girls, and they never married girls from Ahlul-Kitab(…ect…) and none of that is forbidden…]

Source: al-Mufid in “al-Fusoul al-Mukhtarah”, researched by Sayyid `Ali Mir Shareefi, second print of 1993 by Dar al-Mufid, Beirut Lebanon.

Now if you would direct your attention to the book of their other leader al-Saduq, you would read this:

ابو ابراهيم موسى بن جعفر الثقة امه جارية اسمها حميدة .) أمه جارية) ابو الحسن علي بن موسى الرضا امه جارية اسمها نجمة .) أمه جارية) ابو جعفر محمد بن علي الزكي امه جارية اسمها خيزران . ( أمه جارية) ابو الحسن علي بن محمد الامين امه جارية اسمها سوسن .) أمه جارية) ابو محمد الحسن بن علي الرفيق امه جارية اسمها سمانة وتكنى بام الحسن .) أمه جارية) ابو القاسم محمد بن الحسن هو حجة الله على خلقه القائم امه جارية اسمها نرجس صلوات الله عليهم اجمعين . ) مهدي الشيعة الذين يدعون انه اختفى في سرداب الغيبة في سامراء ينسب لأم جارية)

[abu Ibrahim Musa bin Ja`far al-Thiqah, his mother is a female slave called Hameedah.

abu al-Hasan `Ali bin Musa al-Rida, his mother is a female slave called Najmah.

abu Ja`far Muhammad bin `Ali al-Zaki, his mother is a female slave called Khayzaran.

abu al-Hasan `Ali bin Muhammad al-Ameen, his mother is a female slave called Sawsan.

abu Muhamamd al-Hasan bin `Ali al-Rafiq, his mother is a female slave called Samanah and her Kuniyah is umm al-Hasan.

abu al-Qassim Muhammad bin al-Hasan, he is the Hujjah of Allah on his creation, al-Qa’im, his mother is female slave called Narjis may Allah be pleased with all of them.]

Source: Ikmal al-Deen wa Itmam al-Ni`mah, by al-Saduq al-Qummi, 27/305.

 Is it possible that al-Mufid never knew this? Is he an ignorant or did he lie to the poor man to prove his point?


  1. If the Shi’a were to get the upper hand and the Sunnis were to be obliterated (God forbid!), the Islamic tradition would be no better than that of the Jews and the Christians.

  2. 1. All the wives of Imams a.s you have mentioned were slaves, but were freed, trained as Islamic Scholars and married. So he Sheikh Mufid r.a was right in saying that they dod not marry slaves, whereas in Islam there is nothing wrong in marrying Slaves.

    2. But thats not the point…..

    When you people are out of logic you try to escape with these foolish things,

    What Sheikh Mufid r.a meant is clear, if there is something the Prophet saww and Imams a.s did not do, it doesn’t mean its Haram, let me give another example, they never divorced their wives, so is it haram to divorce too??

    • Either Mufid is lying when he said they never married slaves or al-Saduq is lying when he said the mothers of the Imams are “slaves”.

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