Tree of men believed to be Imams by the Shia sects


In the name of the one merciful God,


This is a tree graph containing the names of certain individuals that the Shia of the past have claimed them to be gods or prophets or divine leaders (Imams) whether by their permission and acceptance or not. The hands of corruption and blasphemy have tainted the minds of the mindless from this nation since the departure of our leader Muhammad ibn `Abdullah (saws), and as he himself has prophesized that many liars would emerge, each claiming prophet-hood and revelation or claiming to be the awaited savior whose obedience is obligatory, they sought wealth, fame and authority, they competed for the worldly life and some succeeded while others failed. However, when we ponder of the fate of their poor followers we observe that these foolish supporters of falsehood lost both the life and the after-life, may Allah save us from such a wretched fate.


This tree which we constructed is mainly based on the book written by the self-claimed emissary of the 12th Shia leader. Firaq al-Shia by al-Nawbakhti is a book which lists briefly in less than one hundred pages the names and opinions of most of the popular sects of the Shia in the first three centuries, then we add additional information and details from other reliable books of Islamic sects such as al-Shahrastani’s and Ibn Hazm’s books.


The purpose of this tree is not to list the names and beliefs of the various sects or even the order of Imams in an accurate way, it is more or less a compilation of names of so called divine Shia leaders organised in a fashion that resembles the order of their appearance. When for example we see the name of Ja`far bin Muhammad in the list, this does not mean that all those who believed in his divinity were of the exact same sect, because some believed he was a god, while others believed he was a righteous scholar, and others believed he was a divinely appointed infallible leader, another group believes he was the awaited Mahdi and so on and so forth from the foolishness of these confused deviants who lack intellect and sight.

We have also tried our very best to not list the name of the same individual twice in the list, for example some of the followers of Ja`far believed that the leader after him is his son Musa, so they fabricated narrations to prove this, while another group believed that his son Isma`eel was the next leader and they fabricated their own narrations but when Isma`eel died in the life of his father, some of his followers went back to believe in the leadership of Musa. This kind of thing happens countless times and normally, this would require us to list the name of Musa twice but we decided to work around this and not list the same name more than once so as to not make the tree too big or too complicated and so that we may not confuse our readers like the so called followers of Ahlul-Bayt were confused out of their minds.


The tree only contains the names of those who were mentioned in the books we used, it covers the first two to three centuries of Shia history, and they numbered around 122 Shia Imams as opposed to the 12 they talk about today, as for their descendants who inherited their ranks and inherited their followers, we are not capable of gathering the necessary information about them assuming this information exists today in written form, also there appears to be many unnamed men whether descendants of the prophetic family or not who were also claimed to be divine by the Shia and only Allah knows their numbers. What was clearly observed is that each group of Shia at the time were being led by a couple of men, and these men would claim that such and such person is an Imam or is the Mahdi and they’d spread narrations about it in the lands, while the followers did their job of following blindly without questioning their scholars or verifying any claims. In the end, this entire matter of Tashayyu` is nothing but a charade that serves the interests of a few greedy men, whether they are Tafdhili or Imami, whether Kaysani or Zaydi, none of them have a sound proof for their claims from the book of their Lord or the sayings of his Prophet (saws) or the human intellect or the consensus of the nation nor anything other than desire and Hawa.



Tree of Shia Imams

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