Response to: Great Names of Great People


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: Great Names of Great People, which can be found here.

 The short article simply includes a narration without any commentary. It goes as follows:

abu salaat said that i was told by ali bin musa raza asws, from his father, from jafar bin mohammad asws, from his father, from ali bin hussein asws, from his father, from ali ibn abi talib asws, he said that prophet asws said that faith is the name of acceptance from the heart, saying with tongue, and acting on the pillars.
abu salat said that if this sanad is recited over a majnoon/mad man, he will be cured

Al-Daraqutni said that the above narration is a fabrication. He also called Abu Al-Salt a Rafidhi and accused him of fabricating it. We also find that Abu Hatim and Ibn Adi accused him of lying. Al-Nasa’ee said that he was not trustworthy. He was also weakened by many other hadith scholars. See Mizan Al-I’itidal 4/348.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to look into the opinions of early hadithists to realize which faction this man comes from, for anyone that says something as absurd as, “To recite the names of Ahlulbayt upon a madman will cure him,” is obviously an extreme Shi’ee that has lost his mind.

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