Response to: The Two Caliphs after Prophet (asws): Quran & Ahlubait


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: “The Two Caliphs after Prophet (asws): Quran & Ahlubait.” The article can be found here.

SoA does not waste any time. They quote the narration and provide statements of authentication by Al-Haythami, Al-Suyuti, and Al-Albani.

The narration is as follows:

i am leaving behind two caliphs after me: book of allah and my ahlubait, they will not separate till they reach pond

However, when returning to Al-Albani’s takhreej of Kitab Al-Sunnah, which is one of the sources that is provided by SoA, we find the following comments:

حديث صحيح: وإسناده ضعيف لسوء حفظ شريك وهو ابن عبد الله القاضي. والقاسم بن حسان مجهول الحال… وإنما صححته لأن له شواهد تقويه

“The narration is authentic: The chain is weak due to the weak memory of Shareek the judge, who is the son of Abdullah, and Al-Qassim bin Hassan, who is anonymous in status… but I authenticated it due to supplementary narrations that strengthen it.”
Al-Albani is correct, for this chain is without a doubt weak.

Upon returning to Al-Silsila Al-Saheeha to check out his supplementary narrations, we found that they came from the paths of Jabir, Zaid bin Arqam, Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudari, and others. However, none of these narrations includes the statement “two caliphs”.

In other words, the overall narration is authentic, but the wording of this narration is weak, since it comes through a weak path. It is not conceivable to accept such a wording when more authenticate versions of the narration do not.

In fact this narration in its current form, is a fabrication based on the narration of al-Thaqalayn, to find out more about what texts are correct, please return to our detailed research on this subject here.

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