Response to: Abu Huraira: Enemy of Allah


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait, Hasan Molai, and Khair Talab’s collaborative article, entitled: “Abu Huraira: Enemy of Allah & His Book, and a Thief.” The article was published on on the 11th of February, 2011, and can be found here.

The narration quoted to prove what the title suggests is the following:

umar told abu huraira that o enemy of allah and islam or he said o enemy of allah and his book, you have theft possessions of allah
[tabaqat ul kubra]

SlaveOfAhlubait includes an additional narration that words it slightly differently. It says:

abu huraira said that umar told me: o enemy of allah and islam, you did treachery in property of allah
we see in mustadarak, vol 3, page 191

Not surprising, both narrations are not quoted in full, since doing so would be problematic for these “academic.” Both narrations finally end with Omar offering Abu Huraira a position. Abu Huraira refuses to take the position.

The very narration suggests that Omar went back from his accusation, for it is not logical to hire a thief that you distrust.

In a similar narration, from the path of Ayoub Al-Sakhtiyani from Ibn Sireen, we find that Omar finally returns Abu Huraira’s money to him. See Musanaf Abd Al-Razzaq #20659 (the chain is saheeh). This supports what we have suggested earlier, which is that Omar has went back on his opinion.


  1. Es Selamu Aleyyküm ve rahmetullah, a question for you, I’d appreciate it if you could answer that be.I my English is not that good for your information.
    أخبرني أبو بكر محمد بن أحمد المزكي بمرو ثنا عبد الله بن روح المدايني ثنا يزيد بن هارون أنبأ هشام بن حسان عن محمد بن سيرين عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه قال : قال لي عمر : يا عدو الله و عدو الإسلام خنت مال الله قال : قلت لست عدو الله و لا عدو الإسلام و لكني عدو من عاداهما و لم أخن مال الله
    هذا حديث صحيح بإسناد على شرط الشيخين و لم يخرجاه
    تعليق الذهبي قي التلخيص : على شرط البخاري ومسلم
    He sent this to me is the fact that a myth, Rafizi subject?
    This means that we have to answer, namely how what
    These words belong to Hazrat Omer?

    • This text is incomplete, he missed out on this part of the Hadith:
      ولم أخن مال الله ، ولكنها أثمان إبلي ، وسهام اجتمعت . قال : فأعادها علي وأعدت عليه هذا الكلام قال : فغرمني اثني عشر ألفا قال : فقمت في صلاة الغداة ، فقلت : اللهم اغفر لأمير المؤمنين ، فلما كان بعد ذلك أرادني على العمل ، فأبيت عليه

      Basically it was a misunderstanding, `Umar used harsh language because he was angry, abu Hurayrah explained his position to `Umar and asked Allah to forgive him, a while later `Umar realized his misjudgment and wanted to appoint abu Hurayrah in a position of authority again but the latter refused as he didn’t wish to take the responsibility. The Hadith also shows that `Umar was responsible when it came to public money and that he would punish his own governors if they had any shortcomings, it also shows that purity of abu Hurayrah’s heart who made Du`a’ for `Umar even when he thought he was oppressed by him.

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