Response to: Anal Sex According to Islam


The following is a response to’s article entitled: Anal Sex according to Islam. The article was published on the 4th of May, 2014, and can be found here.

The jurisprudence revolving around anal sex has been one that has caused a lot of differences of opinion within the ranks of Ahl Al-Sunnah. Verse 223 in Surat Al-Baqarah, is the main cause of the disagreement since various scholars have understood the verse in different ways. However, anyone that returns to the books of fiqh will find that the majority of the early scholars did believe that this act is prohibited. However, there is no hiding the fact that some of the salaf believed it to be permissible.
RTS do make some fallacious arguments throughout their article, and we have taken the liberty of quoting these statements to expose their deceptive habits.

RTS argue:

When faced which such conflicting reports, most scholars from the school of Ahlulbayt (a.s) in conclusion say it is not on the level of haraam (forbidden), instead it is on the level of makrooh (highly disliked), and as a precautionary measure, it is compulsory to refrain from it.

Shia scholar Al-Shareef Al-Murtadha in Kitab Al-Intisar (p. 294) said: The evidence that it (anal sex) is permissible is: The consensus of the ta’ifa (the Shias).

RTS, apparently ashamed of the permissibly of anal sex according to Shia scholars suggested what is contrary to the view held by Al-Murtadha.

RTS also argue:

As evidenced, the stance of the so-called ‘Ahl ul Sunnah’ proves to be more favourable towards this act than that of the Shi’a.

Our logical readers are aware that this is a lie. How is it possible for Ahl Al-Sunnah to be more favourable when a difference of opinion exists among them, while the Shias are at a consensus that it is permissible?!

RTS finally argue that:

It is a shame that they turn a blind eye to the numerous hadeeth and Fatwa’s given by their major scholars and still have the audacity to attack the Shi’a and the Ulama when more importantly, a well known companion, Abdullah the son of Umar ibn Al-Khattab partook in such activities.

It is an even greater shame that RTS was not able to quote one out of these “numerous hadeeth” as evidence. We have, in our history, knowing RTS to be meticulous in gathering the strongest evidences against their opposition, and yet, they were not able to quote a single narration that makes anal sex permissible.

RTS also failed to provide any evidence that Abdullah bin Omar partook in anal intercourse. We denounce this as a baseless lie and we challenge RTS to prove us mistaken.

Note: RTS in the middle of the article made an accusation that Sunnis have tampered with their books in order to hide that Abdullah bin Omar said that anal sex is permissible. The response to that allegation can be found here.


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