“From the Heart to the Heart” by Sheikh Uthman al-Khamis


Book title and link: From the Heart to the Heart

Download (PDF, 3.19MB)

From Shaykh ‘Uthman ibn Muhammad Al-Khamees
(May Allah Preserve Him)

Translated by:
Ibn Abbas Al-Misri

Translator’s comment: “The book is directed to all the sincere seekers of truth from among the Twelver Shiahs, presented in a brief, easy to follow manner, supported with evidence for what is mentioned.”

From the Heart to the Heart - Shaykh Uthman al-Khamees
From the Heart to the Heart – Shaykh Uthman al-Khamees (Arabic Book Cover)




  1. assalaamu alaikum, jazaakum Allahu khairan for this translation.

    Is it possible to purchase an actual copy of this book in english ?

  2. Alhamdulillah I have read your translation of Minal Qalb Ilal Qabl, that is From heart to the heart,.. Alhamdulillah I have printed and gave a free copy to my friends and colleagues… It will be of great importance if the book of Usman Alkhamis “” HUQBATUN MINAT TAARIKH “” will be translated for us into ENGLISH… There many of our friends here in Nigeria that we want them to have access to that book to have true understanding of history of Islam especially about the calamities that befall ISLAM during the life of SAHABA, but the major problem is that they can’t understand Arabic… Many of the books that black mail the history of those Great Companions like THEN I WAS GUIDED, TO BE WITH THE TRUTHFUL, THE RIGHT PATH written by SHI’A scholars were given to our friends here and it’s causing a great problem now… Please and please we are In a dare need of English translation of HIQBATUM MINAT TAARIKH… Thank you,, looking forward to hearing from you soon…

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