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Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem,

The following is an e-book by Dr. Abdulrahman Dimashqiah, the renowned Sunni apologist. The book provides a dissection of many of the differences between the Sunni and Shia sects.


The author, may Allah preserve him, writes in his introduction:


Praise be to  Allah, Lord  of the  worlds. Peace and  blessings be  upon the  most noble of the Messengers, Muhammad, and upon his family and Companions. I  dedicate  this paper to  every  Shia  who  is  willing to  listen  to  constructive  criticism with an open heart and an enlightened mind. This research is, in fact, a  survey of the literature about the rise and spread  of Shiism and its  fundamental  principles. Much of what follows is taken directly from Shia sources. Details of  all the sources I have used are recorded in footnotes where interested readers will  find page and volume numbers of the works cited. Anyone who wishes may then  refer to the original Shia works and check what I have said. I would  like to  stress that I  do  not  intend  to  imply  that  every  Shia  must  necessarily believe everything  that  I  have reported  about  their  beliefs  and  doctrines. My intention is simply to make clear to every Shia what the books of  their  religious  leaders contain. These  are  things  that  many  people  still  do  not  realize.  My intention  is  to maintain an  objective  position,  far  from  bigotry  and  blind allegiance to traditions. My only reason for writing it is to earn the pleasure  of Allah and to clarify the truth to all who are interested to hear it. We should all  free ourselves from prejudice and wild ideas, and avoid making inflammatory and  insulting  charges  that  fuel  the  emotions,  block  the path  to  truth,  and  widen  the  chasm between us. These things do nothing but dissipate the spirit of peace and harmony.

I am firmly convinced that  we  must begin  with  a sincere  commitment  to  truth  and believe that the struggle between truth and  falsehood will continue until the  Day of Resurrection.  I  am  also  convinced  that truth  must  be presented  without  recourse to insults, curses or profanity. Allah has commanded us to observe the highest standards of dignity and  self-respect  when we argue  with the  “People of  the Book.” Therefore, it is fitting for us to show even more respect to the people  of  our  Book  when  we  come to disagree with them  and  discuss  these  disagreements. I look forward to the day when Allah joins our two communities with His Book  and the  Sunnah  of His Messenger. May Allah hasten the day when He binds our  hearts together again, after this long and bitter separation that has only benefited  the enemies of the Muslims, and given them an ugly advantage from the beginning of our estrangement right up to today.


The author, may Allah preserve him, has organized his book into the following chapters:

1- Doctrines of the Sunnis and Shias Compared

2- The Sources of the Sunnah

3- Pilgrimage to Graves and to the Shrines of the Imams

4- On Infallibility

5- The Companions of the Prophet

6- The Imamate According to the Shias

7- The Mutual Love Between Ali and the Companions

8- Who Killed Al-Husayn?

9- Temporary Marriage

10- Taqiyyah (Dissimulation)

11- The Twelfth Imam: Al-Mahdi

12- The Doctrine of Manifest Knowledge and Other Innovations

13- The Shias in History

14- The Shias Today


The e-book can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Download (PDF, 1.14MB)

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