Response to: Abu bakar and umar doing ghibat/back biting?


The following is a response to Slave of Ahlubait’s “Abu bakar and umar doing ghibat/back biting?” The article can be found on the wilayat website.

Slave of Ahlubait quotes:

“Dia ul moqadasi writes in (al-ahadeeth) al-mukhtara that anas narrates that arab would serve each other in journeys. Once there was a man with abu bakar and umar who would serve them. Once they slep, and woke up. But he had not prepared food for them. They said: he sleeps a lot. So they woke him up. And said: go to prophet asws and tell them that abu bakar and umar are paying greetings to you and seek permission from you. So prophet asws said: they have taken their food. So they came to prophet asws and said: with what did we take our food? So he asws said: I am seeing meat of your brother with you (exactly it would translate as: I am seeing meat of that man in your teeth………..

[tafsir dur-e-manthur, urdu version, vol 6, page 183, tafsir of 49/12]”

The narration continues with the following:

فقالا استغفر لنا يا رسول الله فقال: “مُرَاه فليستغفر لكما”

“They said: O Messenger of Allah, ask (Allah) to forgive us!” He said, “Tell him to ask for your forgiveness.”

Slave of Ahlubait does not want readers to be aware of the immediate guilt and repentance shown by Abu Bakr and Omar.

Furthermore, Ahl Al-Sunnah have no issue with believing that Abu Bakr and Omar committed sins. More importantly, if we look at the minuteness of the words that they have uttered, we would see that they did not really commit the catastrophic sin that Slave of Ahlubait would like us to imagine.

Can the Shia readers who are reading this truly say that they never made fun of anyone for oversleeping?

Those that have committed this sin can rest assured that they will not be taken out of the fold of Islam for doing so.


  1. This event does not even require clarification akhi as the narrations are weak, and some of the ulama even consider it to be fabricated.

    The hadith, along with its takhreej and weakness is discussed here:

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