Is Our Website’s Name Deceptive?


After the realization by Shias that they do not have the academic prowess to challenge our website, they have attempted to discredit the website and push their brethren away from authentic knowledge by posing the emotional appeals like:

“These Nasibis are misleading and deceptive by using a name like! They are tricking unaware Shias into thinking that it is a Shia website!”

Our response:

Firstly, you will find on the top left corner, under the name of the website, our slogan, which is:


Also notice our page footer and the menu option “In Defense of the Companions”. Are these signs of a Shia website as well?

Moreover, this is from the double-standards of the Shias, who for years have been using names that are associated with Ahl Al-Sunnah. However, we have not once asked them to change the names of their websites.

The following is a list of websites that one would think were created by Sunnis, but have turned out to be Shia websites:

Furthermore, when I first became interested in reading about Islamic history, I used to visit, which I believed was a Sunni website. The site offered no disclaimer that suggested that it was run by Shias either. Perhaps this is not as deceptive, but once again, how can this be compared with a website who has a clear slogan like: “Refuting Shia Allegations Online Everywhere!”??

For more names of websites that seem Sunni per turned out to be Shias, please e-mail us at .


  1. Lol they dare to accuse sunni of misleading people with such names, they have forgotten that in their propaganda they always shia scholars with al-hanafi, al-shafi’i to mislead sunnis. Sometimes, their scholars have exactly the same name of sunni scholars like tabari, al juwayni, etc. I remember that they use to have arabic site against sunnis and they took the same name of sunni site, it was and shias have taken exacty the same name

  2. To illustrate my example about d-sunnah, look at the sunni forum of in 2005 :

    And the shia version at the same year :

    Same color, same structure of the forum, same place for others banners, etc…

    Shia had even make an exact copy of the banner d-sunnah but modifying the text by adding “quran”.

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