Response to: Khalid bin Waleed Jealoused


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article, which was awkwardly entitled: Khalid bin Waleed “Jealoused”of Ali asws. The article can be found here.

The article simply includes a few narrations in which we find Khalid bin Al-Waleed having issues with Ali. As most of those who are engaged in Sunni-Shia polemics are aware, some of those that were with Ali in Yemen had issues with his actions.

Now, in none of the narrations have anything to do with jealousy in particular. However, the second narration by SoA does imply that Khalid had an issue with how Ali’s usage of the khums. Such a matter is a matter of jurisprudence and does not necessarily imply a personal grudge.

SoA quotes two other narrations. The first is the narration of Al-Ajlah, which we have responded to in our article entitled: Response to Ali is the Master of the Believers, which can be found here.

The last narration that SoA quotes is the following strange narration:

“who degrades of ali, he degrades me; who separates from him, he separates from me; he is from me, and i am from him; he is created from my teeniat, and i am created from teeniat of ibrahim; and i am superior to ibrahim and allah is all listening and knowing; o buriada, do you not know that the right of ali is more than that lady, do you not know that he is wali after me?
i said o prophet! i beg you for the sake of my companionship to you, please forward your hand so that i can do bayat again; i continued till i did bayat again”

Even though SoA quoted from Majma’a Al-Zawa’id, he could not bring himself to quoting the rest of what Al-Haythami had to say:

رواه الطبراني في الأوسط وفيه جماعة لم اعرفهم وحسين الأشقر ضعفه الجمهور ووثقه ابن حبان.

“Al-Tabarani narrated it in Al-Awsat, and within it (the chain) is a group that I did not know; and Hussain Al-Ashqar is weak according to the majority and is strengthened by Ibn Hibban.”

Therefore, the Hadith is extremely weak.

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