Response to: Kill Mawia when you see him on Pulpit -1


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: Kill Mawia when you see him on Pulpit -1. The article can be found here.

 The name of the article speaks for itself. The book Al-Majrooheen by Ibn Hibban includes a narration in which the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa salam) supposedly orders his companions to kill Mu’awiyah if he ever comes to power.

Without even looking at the chain we can assure the readers it is weak, otherwise all the companions including al-Hasan and al-Husayn are terribly guilty.

SoA defends two narrators who have been weakened by Sunni Hadithists.

The first is Abbad bin Ya’qoub, who is an infamous Rafidhi that used to curse the Sahaba. SoA seems to be gullible enough to assume that Sunnis will take a narration from a Rafidhi that orders the killing of Mu’awiyah. This is a good example of an innovator that has narrated something that supports his innovation. Such a narration cannot be accepted. Not that Rafidhah are reliable anyway, as they are historically considered notorious liars.

The second narrator is Shareek bin Abdullah. SoA started off by quoting a couple of scholars who have praised him, but stopped half way. It seems as though SoA realized that it was futile to suggest that his narration is solid, the man leans towards weakness.

SoA admits:

now, though we have sayings that he had some bad memory in the last days, but as i would inshallah present more ahadeeth with rijal analysis, we would see that there are chains where we do not have him

We will be looking forward to those additional narrations Inshallah.

The third problem with the narration is the one that SoA ignores completely. SoA mentions the biography of all the narrators except for the Shaikh of Ibn Hibban, who happens to be Mohammad bin Salih Al-Tabari. We find in Lisan Al-Mizan that he was accused of lying.

SoA then finally quotes the supporting narration:

there is another chain which supports this chain in this very book, it is in first volume
ثنا أبى وعمى قالا ثنا أبى ثنا يحيى بن عثمان ثنا عثمان بن جبلة عن عبدالملك بن أبى نضرة عن أبيه عن أبى سعيد الخدرى عن النبي (ص) قال إذا رأيتم معاوية على منبرى فاقتلوه
though there is weakness in this chain, but it adds to the authenticity of the previous chain.

First of all, YES a weak narration can be supported by another narration that strengthens it, However only if the first narration is slightly weak, but as we saw above his first narration is extremely weak, it is beyond our help, nothing can support it nor can it support anything. SoA does not know the basics of the rules of Mutaba`at (Supporting narrations) it seems.

Secondly we come to his second narration, which he claims is a “supporting narration”. We do not know how this can be referred to as a “supporting narration”, when the main narrator, Ahmad bin Mohammad bin Mus’ab Abu Bishr, is a known fabricator of Hadiths. See his biography in the same source that SoA has quoted, Ibn Hibban’s Al-Majrooheen.

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