Response to: The Cursed Lineage – Sahih Sunni Sanad


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article: “The Cursed Lineage – Sahih Sunni Sanad”. The article can be found here.

SoA in this article share scan while claiming that they have:

we talked about this issue before, and that can be seen here

let us share another sahih chain for it

we find in masnad abu yala…

Ironically, WE find the exact chain that they have previously provided in their article entitled: “Cursed Lineage 2.” Which can be found here.

We would like to think that they have forgotten that they have provided this narration in the past. However, they have linked to it in this article. This leads us to the conclusion that they don’t know what they are posting on their site in the first place, nor are they aware of the connection between Majma’a Al-Zawa’id and Sh. Muqbil’s Al-Saheeh Al-Musnad to earlier books of Hadith, or their purpose.

See our refutation to that article here.

Then they finally end the article by cursing banu Umayyah many times, accusing them of being a cursed lineage. TO which I have to say a few words.

Does he know that `Uthman ibn `Affan, the husband of TWO of Rasul-Allah’s daughters (Ruqayyah  and Umm Kulthoum) `Uthman is from banu Umayyah?

Does he know that one of Rasul-Allah’s (saw) two daughters had a son from `Uthman called `Abdullah, is he claiming that Rasul-Allah’s (saw) grandson is from the cursed lineage?

Does he know that Rasul-Allah (saw) himself married Umm Habibah Ramlah bint abu Sufiyan, a mother of believers was from banu Umayyah?

Does he know that Zaynab, Rasul-Allah’s (saw) other daughter married abu al-`Aas bin al-Rabi`, whose grandfather is `Abd-Shams father of banu Umayyah?

Does he know that `Ali ibn abi Talib married the daughter of abu al-`Aas who was called Umamah, and she was the daughter of Zaynab bint Rasul-Allah (saw)?

And there’s a lot more where that came from but this is more than enough to answer the accusation of “cursed lineage”.

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