Response to: Who Poisoned Imam Hasan asws?


The following is a response to SlaveOfAhlubait’s article entitled: “Who Poisoned Imam Hasan asws?” The article can be found here.

SoA, in this article, simply quotes the opinions of scholars that held the opinion that Mu’awiyah poisoned Al-Hasan.

The quote is from Abu Bakr bin Hafs, while the second quote is by Al-Waqidi. Both of them did not meet Al-Hasan bin Ali, and both said that some people believed that Mu’awiyah poisoned him. However, such thoughts are conspiracy theories at best, and do not hold any weight when it comes to historical study, let alone a court of law.

However, according to an eye-witness, Umair bin Ishaaq, Al-Hasan, when asked by Al-Hussain asked for who his killer was, Al-Hasan responded, “If it is who I think, then Allah’s revenge will be greater, and if it is someone else, then I wouldn’t want you to kill someone innocent.” See Tareekh Dimashq 7/389-390.

Umair bin Ishaaq was strengthened by Ibn Al-Barqi (p. 73).

Even though this last narration is not evidence for Shias, we call upon Shias to provide a single authentic report from their sources linking Mua’wiyah to the death of Al-Hasan… and if they cannot provide it, and they won’t, then they should cease from making ridiculous accusations about events that happened over a thousand years ago.

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