Issues of Ghaybah


This is a series of articles where we critique the Twelver Imami Shiite belief in the occultation of their 12th Imam.

Part-1: The hidden Imam and the need of an apparent Imam

Part-2: Imamah and the Iranian regime

Part-3: Believers avoid sins fearing the Imam’s punishment.

Part-4: Murtada’s philosophical excuses about the Imam’s birth

Part-5: Can the legitimacy of an Imam be proven in case of constant Taqiyyah?

Part-6: Imams and their ridiculous knowledge

Part-7: Is Ghaybah a test and how can the Imam truly be a Hujjah?

Part-8: Shiite scholars complaining about the Imam’s Ghaybah

Part-9: The low-quality of Shiite narrations about the Imam’s birth

Part-10: Is Ghaybah necessary to avoid Taqiyyah or is it Taqiyyah in and of itself?

Part-11: The infallible hands religious authority to the non-infallible

Part-12: Imami Shia refuting Imami Shia on Ghaybah

Part-13: King `Abdullah dies! But where’s the Imam?

Part-14: 12th Imam is like the sun behind the clouds

Part-15: The excuse as to why we must believe our leader was a kid

Part-16: Refuting the argument about other Shia Mahdies being dead

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