Uthman’s Limitations on the Narrating of Hadiths


Unlike the previous articles in our series about the prohibition of the narration and documentation of Hadiths, nothing can be found that suggested Uthman implementing a ban on the documentation of Hadith or the narrating of Hadiths. However, there was one narration that can be found that implies a limitation on what Hadiths can be narrated.

Al-Shihristani states in “The Prohibition of Recording Hadiths” (p. 210) that it is recorded that Mahmud ibn Labid said that he heard `Uthman ibn `Affan saying from the Minbar, “It is impermissible for anyone to report a tradition from the Messenger of Allah unless this tradition was known during the reigns of Abu-Bakr and `Umar.”

This attribution to Uthman can only be found in Al-Tabaqat Al-Kubra by Ibn Sa’ad through his teacher Mohammad bin Omar Al-Waqidi. Al-Waqidi is an infamous liar, and therefore, this Hadith is rejected. See his biography in Tahtheeb Al-Tahtheeb and Mizan Al-I’itidal.

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